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Professional NLP Life & Business Coach, Interventionist, Author, Presenter, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Motivator and Above All.. Human!

A Hard Beginning

Μy journey did not start out easily, but it certainly was and still is exciting.

After suffering from severe heartbreak depression at the age of 22, it seemed as though my life had no purpose, no meaning, and that failure was my only option. As the years passed, I felt like there wasn’t much I could do, and slowly, without realizing it, I started losing my way.
It got even worse at the age of 26 when I lost control of my motorbike and suffered a serious accident.

In short, I had no job, no friends, no relationships. I was almost broke financially, and my only friends were anger, insecurity, stress, frustration and anxiety!

I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to make a decision and do something!

The Awakening

At some point I said to myself:
“Manos, it’s time to take back control of your life! It’s time to live!“.
And so I did! I chose to live, and I acted by taking responsibility for myself.

I started studying, reading books, attending seminars, and following people who had a success story to tell.
I began to use and apply all this incredible knowledge and the techniques I learned along the way!
The result was beyond my imagination.
I began to feel good about myself.
Good with my family and the people around me.
Slowly I realized that everything I was doing was having a positive impact in my life and in the lives of others. Until the moment my personal coach said to me:

“Manos, since you care so deeply and sincerely about the people around you, why don’t you try becoming a Life Coach?” That’s it! It was that
simple! That was the question that drastically changed my entire life!

A New Life

And so I started pursuing my dream!
At the age of 28, I took my NLP certification and became a Professional Life Coach!
As a Life Coach I started to apply all the techniques I had learned.
At 34, I received the ToastMasters Award for “Best Speaker”, wrote and published my book “NLP – The Key To Our Mind” and the audiobook “NLP – Revealing My Inner Strength”.
I Created the transformative online course “Rethink – The Language Of The Unconscious Mind” and the live seminar “Restart – The Second Chance”.
I founded the “Self Esteem Academy for High Achievers” to equip people with the right tools, knowledge, inspiration and know-how to use their mind, body and heart, the three crucial elements for every success you can imagine.
Today, with over 100,000 hours in Life and Business Coaching, I share my dream with my team from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus and Greece.
My passion for helping people live up to their maximum potential led me to develop a wonderfully sophisticated system called.
A system that delivers real results by utilizing the three levels of consciousness and the three brains of the human being.


The ultimate goal of the 5R B.A.M is to expand consciousness and increase the emotional intelligence. Through the latest two, you will transform your life and live the life you deserve!

Take a look at me, Manos for example. Where my life was, what were the challenges, and compare it with my life now. Absolutely no similarity. And this allows me to say the following to you:
If you want it. You can have it!

Since I did it and changed my life, I KNOW you can do it too!

It is quite clear to me now. The most exciting moment of my day is when I offer help to other people either by motivating them or helping them discover their personal power and strengths!
One of the most important things in life is having goals.
Everyone needs to have goals. Goals are the reason we have dreams!
Every single one of us deserves to find and pursue those goals and dreams. Everyone deserves to be happy.
And that is exactly what I do. I work with people who are in search of their goals and are willing to go after their dreams to unlock their happiness. And to me, that is the greatest source of inspiration.

I will never forget all those who:

  • Suffered from panic attacks and couldn’t leave their house but now enjoy a peaceful & happy life
  • Had social phobias and now are socializing with real friends and life partners
  • Faced financial problems and now are financially free and independent
  • Were losing their business and now are successful entrepreneurs
  • Were in deep depression and now help others to overcome their problems
  • Had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives and now live their dream life
  • Didn’t know what love is, and now live their Loving, Caring, Passionate, Intimate Relationship
  • Had cigarette addiction and unhealthy nutrition issues and now are cigarette free and healthier than ever

To all of you, a big thank you! Thank you for the Inspiration!

And I know.. If I did it, You can do it too! 

It’s all up to you.. What will you decide?

And if not now, then when?

Remember that: Yesterday and tomorrow is just a brain illusion!

On the other hand,
if you want to get life’s gift you must live in the present.

Stay Open, Stay Positive and Be Active.
“Feel, Think, Act “
Dare To Live The Life You Deserve.

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Your Coach,
Manos Ischakis