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Dear High Achiever,

I get it.

Experiencing Imposter Syndrome is hard. Really hard. 

You’re constantly worried that someone will find out that you’re a fraud.

That all your success is down to luck.

That it’s just a matter of time until someone finds out.

Stressed, full of anxiety and worry. Loosing your sleep and important moments.

And on top of it all.

Your slaughtering perfectionism. Everything MUST be done in pure perfection, right?

And you are all over the place trying to deal with it.


Should I start therapy sessions?  Should I use positive affirmations? Should I fake it until I make it?

Eeeeeeeverybody’s saying that I should just accept it! Just like that! 

Suuuure that’s it! That’s what i’ll do! I’ll just accept it…..

But it’s not a friend request y’all!!!

It’s a f*** voice in my head!!!

*may I have your attention please?*

Usually (really.. it’s common knowledge), people try to raise their self esteem by making positive statements, writing affirmations, shouting at the mirror “I CAN DO THIS” or by trying to motivate themselves through “situational matching” famous quotes. Did I mention watching free motivational videos on youtube?

By observing the amount of failure among people, one can easily determine if all the above represent an effective approach to get rid of that imposter syndrome.

Genuine self esteem is not the result of what you do though. It’s a mental state.

BUT … Would you like to know what’s even more interesting?

Most of the times, genuine self esteem is not even a subject of mentality. It’s something more.. Fundamental! 

What could this even be?!

It’s the core that gives birth to this mental state.

If you manage to define this as a starting point, you will immediately be able to demolish your imposter syndrome once and for all, skyrocket your self esteem and create unprecedented results while ENJOYING the journey!!

Look, most high achievers with imposter syndrome have tried almost everything. And they end up still doing a little bit of everything to deal with imposterism. Seminars, TED talks, therapies, you name it… just to find themselves back where they were in the first place. 

And even worse. Not only do they have to deal with that feeling of inadequacy…

Whatsevenmore, they now have to deal with the anxiety and stress of thinking about what to do the next time it happens. Say “thank you personal development” (irony)

Let me be clear. 

You are reading this now, because in some way, shape or form, your mind and heart aren’t where you want them to be. 

Even though you are putting in a backbreaking amount of effort…

For more emotional strength.

More freedom.

More peace of mind.

High and genuine self esteem.

Whatever it is for you…

I’ve got great news for you…

Cause soon you’ll be feeling like “hey, I am the MAN (or WOMAN in any case)”

You’ll be waking up every morning to a feeling of unshakeable and rock solid self esteem and confidence.

Ready to take on anything that will lead you to an excellent performance.

You’ll be in control of your thoughts and emotions and a sense of calm will wash over you.

And it all starts with your free proven tips and inside secrets below..


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When a method has been tested by more than 10.000 people, it cannot possibly be luck. It’s a System that WORKS!!!

Allia Youssef
Real Estate Agent

"I couldn't help having that feeling that I shouldn't be taken seriously..I never expected that I could find a coach that would help me
believe in me and my potential!
Thank you Manos!"

George Kakaroumpas
Tourism Professional

"I was taking one step ahead and three steps back. Something was blocking me. Actually I was blocking me. I was hiding behind my personal emotions, fears and low self esteem. I was chasing the tree and missing the forest. With Manos I discovered a whole new self. I found my self. Thank you Manos!"

Nektaria Kapoula
Thai Massage Instructor

"As this wise man said to me. It's not what you do. It's "HOW" you do it. To me this was not something I was not aware of. Until I asked myself. Am I really aware? Sometimes it's the small things that unlock our true potential.
Thank you Coach!"

Marios Therapontos
Business Owner

"I had huge self-image issues and my self-esteem had hit rock bottom. I was hidding it behind overworking. Wasn't enjoying my wins and milestones. Manos' method made me get rid of that painful perfectionism and balance my life!
I am grateful!"

Helen Karveli

"For years I was struggling to find what was blocking me from extrenalising my inner potential. I new I was sabotaging my own success. Thanks to Manos and his method, I managed to realise why I did what I did and, most importantly, how to change it. Now I have finally activated the maximum of my potential! Thank you Coach!"

Eva Halkea
Nail Artist & Trainer

"I was doubting myself all the time. Each time I was taking on a task, the fear of failing would fill my emotional veins and I would just paralyse! When I started working with Manos, and especialy during the 3-day live workshop, it was as if I never were like that. This man is a pure genius!
Thank you Manos!"

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