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My name is Manos and my vision is to help people free themselves from the “unconscious” barriers that they create on their brains in certain times of their lives.

My purpose is:

To discover and serve, with respect and love, your life’s purpose by helping you express the best version of yourself.

The key to great success is to become an effective leader.

For this purpose, I developed my method called, Holistic Result Transformational Coaching ®.

This innovative method will not only provide you with the appropriate values to create great success in your life but it will also pave the way for you to live extraordinary moments.

Participants say:

This is not a seminar …

This is not education …

This is not knowledge …

This Is A Unique Life Experience!

Live with passion, live in full excellence

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People’s Feedback

Christos Michael
Christos Michael Read More
Be sure that from the first day your way of thinking and the way you see things will change, whatever you have, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, Manos can very easily help you.
Ζeta Ρetr
Ζeta Ρetr Read More
I believe that Manolis’ education is greatly created. Every step you take, under the guidance of Manolis, leads you to brighter corridors …
Elias Gratsias
Elias Gratsias Read More
I can’t thank him enough since he is one of the people who have contributed very much to making my life better and better. To live my life with passion.
Elina Lamprinaki
Elina Lamprinaki Read More
Manos Ischakis !!!!!! A name, an experience, a smile, a positive attitude towards life, a helping hand, a supportive human being and so much more that will take a lot of time to express.
Anastasia Vasilopoulos
Anastasia Vasilopoulos Read More
I believe that Manolis’ education is very well studied by him. Every step you take with the guidance of Manolis, leads you to brighter corridors …
Georgios Antonopoulos
Georgios Antonopoulos Read More
He is one of the most educated people I have met in Greece, Germany and America in the field of coaching. His transmissibility is also excellent.
Antonia Tselika
Antonia Tselika Read More
With his help I was able to control my emotions. Accept my state of health, my pain and deal with it …
Stamatina Evaggelou
Stamatina Evaggelou Read More
He gives the necessary passion to his work and his positive energy is really the source without unnecessary words and analyzes. He has helped me a lot to wake up every morning with a positive thought and not be afraid.
George Kakaroumpas
George Kakaroumpas Read More
Fortunately, there are people like Manolis Ischakis. The way of life he teaches is powerful and fulfilling. You can tell that from the very firts conversation with him.

Who do YOU want to be in your life? The Spectator or the Main Character?

Are You Ready To Create Outstanding Personal, Emotional & Financial Success?

If Your answer is YES, then I am glad to inform you that you are in the right place!

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Live In Full Excellence

“We are human beings. Much GREATER than mere people.
This alone, means that we were not born to suffer.
We were born to excel at what matters to us the most.”

Welcome to my world.. A world in which miracles happen!
I went through a long and challenging journey before
I ever started LIVING and not just exist!

This journey has motivated me to develop a unique and innovative method
that not only helps others achieve great success, but also
offers a whole new life experience!

The system is called: Holistic Result Transformational Coaching ®

So, stay tuned.. be coachable & Live In Full Excellence!

Your Coach,


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Anna Giaxeila
Health & Beauty Expert

George Kakaroumpas
Travel Industry

Elissaver Korda
PR & Sales Executive

Mariam Bahmani
Private Employer

Alia Youssef
Store Manager

Marios Therapontos
Automobile Enterprenuer

Mairy Filipaiou
Travel Agent

Nektaria Kapoula
Thai Massage Teacher

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If you can dream it, you can do it.

“Walt Disney”

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